No towing job is ever the same, and professional towing truck companies need to have different types of tow trucks available in order to handle the variety of tow truck calls they receive. Below are the three different types of tow trucks Lee’s Towing offers.

  1. Light duty tow truck. A light duty tow truck is characterized by being small, maneuverable, and able to get into tight spots. Light duty tow trucks are conventional and roll back wreckers. These typically tow small vehicles, motorcycles, pickup trucks, and conventional passenger cars. These tow trucks are the ones you see most often for roadside assistance services. Light duty tow trucks can tow weigh between 7,000 and 11,000 pounds.
  2. Medium duty wreckers. Medium duty tow trucks are Class B vehicles that are often deployed for recovery operations, as well as when cargo has to keep moving. You see these medium duty tow trucks often because they are used for passenger vehicles as well for greater stability purposes. Medium duty tow trucks can handle tows of up to 17,000 pounds and typically tow farm equipment, multiple vehicles, and cargo containers.
  3. Heavy duty tow trucks. Heavy duty tow trucks are reserved for the heaviest jobs. These big boys can handle tows greater than 17,000 pounds, which includes industrial equipment and Mack trucks that have slid down an embankment or a multi-ton load needs to be transferred. Heavy duty trucks are usually outfitted with a 25-ton capacity single or double boom lift, a 25-ton winch, and a 6-ton wheel lift.

Lee’s Towing, which serves Wheatland, WY, Glendo, WY, and the surrounding areas, doesn’t mess around when it comes to heavy duty towing. We have the best tow truck drivers who have years of experience in handling the most difficult towing situations. Being adaptable is key in the tow truck industry and Lee’s Towing is ready to serve all your tow truck needs, especially heavy duty and roadside assistance. Contact us today!

​At Lee’s Towing, we pride ourselves on handling even the most challenging of towing service jobs and offroad recoveries. Our tow truck operators are trained to be problem solvers, which makes no incident too challenging. If you find yourself in need of offroad recovery services, one call to Lee’s Towing will end your troubles.

Lee’s Towing fleet of heavy duty towing equipment, which means less waiting time when you need roadside assistance.

At your construction site or across the state, Lee’s Towing can get to your location and recover any disabled piece of equipment 365 days a year. Our fleet of towing service trucks have the heavy-duty muscle when it’s needed most. We operate an extensive tow truck fleet, which is meticulously maintained in a ready-to-roll state, so we are ready to help quickly at the drop of a hat to any towing service need.

Lee’s Towing also specializes in offering tow services for expensive, extra long or extra wide vehicles or equipment. With decades of experience, the professionals at Lee’s Towing provide the best in customer service.

Over 20 years of heavy duty hauling experience has made Lee’s an industry leader along I-25 and I-80. Our commitment to ongoing, extensive, technical training by all Lee’s staff guarantees the highest level of expertise in every heavy-duty towing service job that we do. Our customers are assured with our friendly  operators that their vehicle and equipment are in the best hands. Contact Lee’s Towing for all of your heavy duty towing needs today!

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