You can think of a car being impounded like a person being arrested: it’s something no one likes doing, but it has to be done in order to clear out the fray. Lee’s Towing has impound yards in Wheatland and Glendo, and impounding a vehicle is just another day in the towing business.


Anyone can have a car towed, as long as it’s legal, from private citizens to the police. For a vehicle to be classified as abandoned, it only has to be left on your property unlawfully for 48 hours. This can be less if the vehicle has sat unlawfully on your property, and it does not have license plates. In addition, a vehicle can be impounded if it is considered a safety hazard, especially on interstate highways. For example, you just can’t park your car in the middle of an intersection and go grocery shopping for hours on end (you can’t do this at all). Many people tend to forget that driving a vehicle is a privilege with responsibilities, one of which is to not endanger other people. This is one of the main reasons impounding was invented.

Police are more likely to impound vehicles for legal reasons and for crime reasons, such as recovering a stolen car, impounding a suspected drug vehicle, or impounding a vehicle that was used in a crime.

No one likes to have his or her car impounded. But it some instances, it’s warranted. For instance:

  • Has someone abandoned a vehicle on your property?
  • Is there a car parked in your lot when it’s obvious they aren’t a customer?
  • Maybe someone has ignored the clearly and prominently posted signs that detail when parking is open to the public and when it’s not.

Whatever the case may be, Lee’s Towing can help. There is no reason you should be left with the responsibility of a vehicle that doesn’t belong to you. Lee’s Towing is here to make sure that doesn’t happen. By reaching out to us quickly, you can get that car or truck off your hands and out of your hair in no time at all. With our timely impounding services, Lee’s Towing can help.


If your car has been impounded for whatever reason and you are legally allowed to have it back (meaning it’s not being held for investigative purposes), you will be subject to impound fees and usually per diem storage fees, which must be paid before you can have your vehicle back. If your car is damaged while at the impound yard or in transport to the impound yard, the impound yard owner is not responsible.

If you leave your car at an impound lot for a certain number of days, it will be considered abandoned by you and can and usually does go up for auction. The impound owner will apply for the title and either sell your car outright or sell it for parts if it’s inoperable. Hence, if your car is impounded for any reason, you should go and claim it as soon as possible to avoid this often unforeseen consequence.

Lee’s Towing works closely with municipal, county and state police agencies as well as private property owners within the communities we service. In our line of work, we may tow your vehicle to one of our impound lots. This is always done in accordance with state and federal regulations and at the request of an Officer of the law or property owner, as applicable. If your vehicle has been impounded, there are a couple of things you will need to bring with you to ensure the vehicle is released to the correct person:

1) Current Vehicle Registration

2) Valid Driver’s License of Registered Owner

3) Valid Insurance for vehicle to be released

In the event the registered owner cannot come in person to release the vehicle, you must produce:

4) A power of attorney letter authorizing the present party to take the vehicle. The POA must be notarized.


With more than three decades of experience in towing services in southern Wyoming, Lee’s Towing is highly qualified to handle any and all of your impound towing needs. We can answer all of your questions regarding the impounding process, what laws you have to comply with, and how to proceed. Usually, once the towing company removes the vehicle, there’s nothing else you have to do.

Impounding a vehicle can be a tricky business or an unpleasant one–especially if the owner shows up during the tow.

Lee’s Towing is an impound company with an impound lot at our Wheatland and Glendo locations. If your vehicle has been towed, contact us to learn more! Lee’s Towing is here to help you throughout the impounding process. We look forward to speaking with you. Contact us today!

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