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With the first predicted snow to hit Wyoming this week, winter is fast approaching. While we all love a good snowstorm, probably most of us do not like driving in one. Not only do you have to deal with road conditions, but you also have to deal with other drivers on the road, who may or may not be good at driving in winter conditions.

Lee’s Towing serves the Glendo and Wheatland, WY, area with the best towing services. From light-duty to heavy-duty towing, our knowledgeable and friendly drivers will get you back on the road in no time when you’ve skidded off a snowy road or gotten a flat tire. In this blog post, we’ll offer up some defensive driving tips you can implement this winter. Contact us today to learn more!


Drive Alert

Another way to put this defensive driving tip is to stay focused on the task at hand. You need to always be ready to take action to prevent a collision. You need to sit up, always watch the road, and be aware of your surroundings. Lee’s Towing in Glendo recommends that you ignore your phone’s text message alerts, the kids fighting in the back seat, and your spouse being a backseat driver.

Plan Ahead

In addition to being focused on the road, you need to be looking ahead to where you are going. You should scan intersections before you enter them, and check your mirrors constantly as you drive. You should be aware of your surroundings at all times as well. Are you in a school zone where kids may be walking around? Are you coming up to a street light? Is the road about to turn into a dirt road, or is there road construction ahead where you will need to brake? Lee’s Towing in Wheatland recommends you always know where you are headed while driving.

It’s About Being Alive, Not Being Right

As a driver, it is your responsibility to yield to avoid an accident, even if you were cut off, someone pulled in front of you, or they ran a red light and you had the green light. When people are in a rush (like in the morning before work and after school to get the kids), they can do things they normally wouldn’t do. It’s your responsibility as a driver to show grace and not get upset because someone violated a law and ran a stop sign. Lee’s Towing in Glendo recommends you let the offense go, and not get sucked into a road rage incident you’ll regret.

Check Weather Conditions

Lee’s Towing in Wheatland notes that many drivers get themselves into trouble because they are unprepared for the weather. If you know it’s predicted to be icy or wet, give yourself some extra time in the morning and at night. Leave more space between vehicles. Drive slower. Sure, you’re in a hurry to get to your destination, but going off the side of the road won’t get you there any sooner. You should take those turns slower and be more aware of the drivers around you.

Expect Mistakes From Other Drivers

Driving defensively is about expecting the worst from other drivers. Don’t expect them to let you merge into traffic. Don’t expect them to stop. You have to assume they will run a red light, so pause before you pull into traffic. Don’t trust anyone but yourself. After all, you don’t know what the other person will do.

Don’t Speed

Unless you are going a long distance, speeding won’t get you to your destination but a few minutes sooner. The faster you go, the longer it takes to stop. And the faster you go, if you got in an accident, the worse it will be. Of course, you don’t want to go too slow, which can cause accidents in their own right as well. Going with the flow of traffic can be a good idea. Remember, a car is a 1,000 lb machine that you are responsible for. Keeping it under control will not only keep you safe, but will also keep others around you safe.


When the snow hits, Lee’s Towing is there, working tirelessly day and night to help you when you skid off the road, run out of gas, need a jump start, or need a tow to the nearest car repair shop. Out tow truck drivers are friendly, courteous, and professional, working diligently to ensure your safety and get you moving again.

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