Summer has officially arrived here on the beautiful Front Range of Colorado, as well as in Wheatland and Glendo, Wyoming. With summer, the days are longer, the bees are buzzing, the birds are singing, and new life is springing up all around us. Some of the cutest animal babies are on display for us to see, such as Canadian geese babies, fawns, and colts. The summer brings such a vibrant feel to our lives that makes us want to get outside and enjoy it before Father Winter comes around once again.

Part of enjoying the summer is going on long rides on your motorcycle through the mountains or along I-25. Some of the most beautiful country is on display between Wheatland and Glendo, Wyoming. Seeing the country from the backseat of a motorcycle is something special indeed.

However, with your summer motorcycle trips, you can get a flat tire or have a mechanical issue by the side of the road that would require roadside assistance or a motorcycle tow. Because of the space constraints offered by a motorcycle, odds are you don’t have a spare motorcycle tire on you or a tool kit beyond a screwdriver maybe. Luckily, the best tow truck company in the business, Lee’s Towing, has convenient locations to serve you in Wheatland and Glendo. We offer motorcycle towing when you need it, from being stranded by the side of I-25 to waking up one morning to a flat tire on your motorcycle.

Motorcycle towing

Motorcycle towing is a special kind of towing due to the size of a motorcycle. When you need your motorcycle towed, you need the tools, the training, and the care to keep your motorcycle safe.

Lee’s Towing in Glendo has special procedures in place to handle your motorcycle towing needs. As you know as a motorcycle owner, you have to take care when loading, unloading, and transporting your motorcycle so it doesn’t tip over and get scratched or even worse — a part breaks. Lee’s Towing takes the same precautions with your motorcycle tow. We use tow straps to ensure your motorcycle won’t move during transport. We are able to easily load motorcycles up on our flatbed towing trucks. We have a system in place to ensure stability at all times. Furthermore, we use soft nylon straps to ensure your motorcycle is not scratched.

Towing ATVs

If you’ve never ridden on a four-wheel drive trail in an ATV (all-terrain vehicle), then you need to add this to your bucket list. Driving a small, highly maneuverable vehicle up and down huge boulders, by the side of cliffs, and through streams is a whole new level of thrill you need to experience. With ATVs or four-wheelers, you are able to go up and down trails that others can’t and see some of the best country in the world. Many areas with extensive and popular four-wheel drive trails will rent them out for the day, which is a very affordable way for you to experience the best views America has to offer.

That being said, ATVs, like any mechanical vehicle, can break down on the trail and get a flat tire. Luckily for you, the best tow truck company  in the Wheatland and Glendo, Wyoming, areas is here to help. Lee’s Towing can tow your ATV where you need to go, whether that’s back to your trailer so that you can take it home and fix it yourself or to the nearest powersports store. Like our motorcycle towing services, we take special care with your ATV as well. All of our tow truck drivers are trained to handle the smaller vehicle tows. We load your ATVs often on our flatbed tow trucks and ensure they are securely strapped down with our super soft nylon straps to prevent scratches and movement during transport. We also check carefully to ensure your ATVs are not rubbing up against each other during the transport process. Lee’s Towing in Windsor, Wheatland, and Glendo understands that the condition of your ATV is important, as well as the aesthetics.


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